Labor Platform: Diplomatic/Security Doctrine

8 בינואר, 2013


The Labor Party, following the path set by David Ben-Gurion and Yitzhak Rabin, declares that striving for sustainable peace with the nations and peoples of the region is an essential foundation of its worldview.  This must be accomplished while uncompromisingly protecting the security of the State of Israel, its strategic strength and its deterrent force.

The State of Israel is a Jewish and democratic state entrusted with the welfare and safety of its citizens, recognizing that the most effective path for fulfilling this responsibility in a stable and long-term manner is through peace.  The Labor Party will base its policy on striving for peace, dealing with regional strategic challenges, defending the State and its citizens from enemies, and fighting terror.

Striving for Peace

The Labor Party will strive for complete regional peace and stability.

Based on the recognition of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, the Labor Party will work towards establishing a stable peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in order to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel.

The Labor Party will strive to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to sign an agreement based, among other things, on the Clinton Parameters and on the following principles:

A. Two democratic nation-states for the two peoples living in peace side by side.  Peace             and cooperation will be established between the two states.

B. The final border between the two states will be determined by negotiations between the sides based upon a mutually agreed-upon territorial exchange.  Highly populated settlement blocs will remain under Israeli sovereignty and those settlements in Judea and Samaria which are not within the blocs will be evacuated according to the agreement.  The settlers will be compensated according to the principles of the "Home Redemption Law" ("Evacuation-Compensation").

C. Jerusalem, including its Jewish neighbourhoods, is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  In the Old City and the "Holy Basin" a special authority will be introduced to express the international importance of the place and its critical status for the three religions.  The Jewish holy places will remain under Israeli rule.

D. The State of Israel is the state of the Jewish people.  Accordingly, the Labor Party opposes the return of Palestinian refugees to areas within the State of Israel.  A mutually agreed-upon solution to the refugee problem will be found with the cooperation of the states of the region and the international community, but not by granting the right of return.

E.  In any future peace agreement, the Labor Party will ensure that the Palestinian Authority commit to maintaining security, stability and quiet in the areas under its responsibility.  The State of Israel will not evacuate territories if the safety of its citizens is not guaranteed.

F.  The Labor Party opposes unilateral steps in peace processes.


The Labor Party sees the far-reaching changes which have recently taken place in the Middle East as an opportunity to create a new reality of reconciliation and peaceful relations for the good of all the peoples of the region.  At the same time, the Labor Party will remain prepared and vigilant regarding regional developments and will be ready for all possible scenarios.

The Labor Party will work towards continued cooperation with Egypt and towards stabilizing the relationship between the two countries.  This is based on recognition of Egypt's central position in the Arab world.  The Labor Party sees peace with Egypt as a strategic asset and attributes importance to cultivating dialogue with the new government.

The Labor Party sees peaceful relations with Jordan as extremely important and will work to deepen and strengthen the relationship.

Managing Regional Strategic Challenges

The Labor Party sees Israel's relationships with the United States and with the nations of Europe as extremely important strategic assets for Israel.  The Labor Party will strive to reach regional diplomatic agreements based on coordination with and enlisting the support of the United States and the international community.

The Labor Party will work to take advantage of opportunities created by the Arab Spring for the purposes of strengthening Israel's strategic position in the region.  This goal will be accomplished by strengthening the progressive and moderate forces in the Middle East in the face of radical forces and by establishing agreements and understandings with them.

The Labor Party will work to strengthen Israeli deterrence as part of fortifying Israel's strategic strength against hostile forces in the Middle East.

The Labor Party will work to promote compensation to Jews from Arab lands who were expelled from their countries of residence through the framework determined by the Clinton Parameters.

Fighting Terror and Fundamentalism

The Labor Party sees the current Iranian leadership as a critical threat to world peace, regional stability and, of course, to the security of Israel.  The Labor Party will support any vigorous international action for the removal of the Iranian nuclear threat.  Though in certain circumstances military action may be required, all other options should be exhausted first with the aim of Iran removing the nuclear threat itself.  Under any circumstance, the Labor Party sees an essential need for Israeli coordination with world powers, foremost among them the United States.

The Labor Party will lead a determined struggle against violence and terror directed towards the State of Israel in order to ensure the security of the State and its citizens.