MK Yacimovich welcomes the decision by PM Netanyahu to appoint Dr. Karnit Flug as Bank of Israel governor

21 באוקטובר, 2013
"Dr. Flug is the most experienced, most talented and most appropriate candidate for the job, even though I do not agree with all of her positions. Although the appointment process was flawed and at times ludicrous, Netanyahu ultimately recognized and amended his mistake. The correct decision was taken."
Yacimovich said that beyond her specialized qualifications, it is significant that a woman has been appointed governor of the central bank for the first time in Israel's history.
After Frenkl's withdrawal, Yacimovich said that Netanyahu and Lapid should go to Flug's home with a bouqet of flowers to apologize and to beg her to take the job, simply because she was the most talented person available. "Flug is a respected and experienced macroeconomist, who was also the natural recommendation of governor Fischer."